BMW Smartwatch Collection by Fossil- Coming in 2019

BMW Smartwatch Collection by Fossil- Coming in 2019

BMW, a giant of the automotive industry will be manufacturing and distributing a BMW Smartwatch collection, in a partnership with the Fossil Group. In addition to BMW smartwatches, regular and hybrid watches will be available as well.

This agreement is in place until 2013, and the watches and accessories will be made available in over 4,000 BMW and Fossil Group stores all around the globe.

BMW is no stranger to the smartwatch industry, as they have built several apps for Android Wear (now Wear OS), the Samsung Gear S2 and S3, as well as the Apple Watch.

Kista Kartosis, chairman and chief executive officer of Fossil Group said: “BMW is one of the most iconic brands in the world. We look forward to bringing our watch design expertise and smartwatch capabilities to BMW enthusiasts around the world.”

What we expect

Although not much is known about what the BMW Smartwatch is going to be like, we do have some expectations based on the current smartwatches made by the Fossil Group. Everything written below is in no way official; it is only based on little information available, as well as personal opinion.

Powered by Wear OS?

As most of the smartwatches made by the Fossil Group are powered by Wear OS, it seems fair to expect that the BMW Smartwatch will be powered by Wear OS as well. If this is the case, then it will come with the great Wear OS features such as Google Assistant and Google Pay. This will also make the watch usable for both Apple and Android users.

Stylish Design

The Fossil Group has been manufacturing watches for quite a while now, and they are quite good at it. They have been making beautiful and stylish watches for several years now, and have recently made smartwatches that look just as good.

BMW is one of the biggest and most iconic brands in the world, and they have manufactured countless beautiful cars.

With both of these companies working together, I think we can expect high end, great-looking watches. The design would most likely look sleek and sophisticated, and would totally go well with a BMW car.

I think it would have a well-built screen with an amazing display, and straps made of high quality leather. It will probably be made with only the finest materials. Hopefully we will get to see concept images of this smartwatch in the near future.

A higher price

I think it’s safe to say that all of us are expecting the BMW Smartwatch to be quite expensive, given that two big players are making it. It is likely that a BMW Smartwatch will cost between $200 and $250, possibly even higher.

With that being said, this smartwatch will probably not be a part of any top 10 budget smartwatch list anytime soon.

Hybrid Watches

In addition, we can also expect to see BMW hybrid watches along with smartwatches. These hybrid watches will have analogue watch faces, activity tracking and notifications.

This gives us one more thing to look forward to next year. Updates will be posted here as soon as more information is available about this, so keep posted for more news.

Are you excited to see the first BMW Smartwatch?





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