Can You Use An Apple Watch With Android Phones?

Can You Use An Apple Watch With Android Phones?

The Apple Watch is currently the best-selling smartwatch in the whole world, and a lot of people do consider it the best smartwatch so far. With all the hype surrounding it, Android users are sometimes left wondering whether they can use an Apple Watch with Android Smartphones.

If you’re an Android user who is interested in buying an Apple Watch, or if you’re just plain curious, keep reading this article and you will find the answer to that question.

Is the Apple Watch compatible with Android Smartphones?

To save you an enormous amount of time, I’ll answer that question right now. The answer is technically a NO. A little bit of a disappointment huh?

All of the Apple Watches so far cannot be synced with other devices, other than an iPhone. Not even other Apple products, such as iPads, iPods and Macs can sync with an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and LTE needs to pair with either an iPhone 6 or a more recent iPhone in order to be set up correctly. In addition, the iPhone would need to have the latest version of iOS installed.

Why aren’t these two devices compatible?

So now we know that we can’t use an Apple Watch with Android smartphones. But what why is this so?

For starters, it seems that Apple was not really planning on any compatibility between the Apple Watch and Android smartphones.

There is no official Watch App available for Android on the Google Play Store. Apple also encrypts most of the information shared between an iPhone and an Apple Watch, so it seems that it’s more than just a simple Bluetooth connection.

Is there really no way to sync an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone?

When I addressed the question of whether an Apple Watch can be used with Android phones, I said the answer was technically a no.

Here’s the reason why. There actually is a way to sync an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone, but it’s definitely not recommended, and should be left for people who have a knack for tinkering with these types of devices.

Let me explain further. The Apple Watch 3 does not have a nano-SIM slot, as it is already built into the chip. Information is then copied to the Apple Watch’s chip after you pair it with a compatible iPhone.

So if you have access to a compatible iPhone, you can insert your SIM into that iPhone, set up an Apple Watch with that iPhone, and then put the SIM back into your Android smartphone.

This trick may allow you to use an Apple Watch with your Android smartphone, but the experience certainly won’t be the same. This may also damage your Apple Watch’s battery, so it is not recommended.

However, if you really want to give it a try, and you’re confident that you know what you’re doing, here is a more comprehensive guide by iMore.

Will the Apple Watch ever be compatible with Android Smartphones?

For now, we don’t really have a definite answer for this. Apple may be at the top of the smartwatch game for now, but they already have some strong competitors like Samsung, LG and Fitbit. In addition, other less popular smartwatch brands like Misfit and Mobvoi are already starting to make a name for themselves.

If Apple hopes to stay ahead of the game, they may have to make a few adjustments. I think they should at least consider the possibility of making future Apple Watches compatible with Android smartphones. Doing so would no doubt draw in more customers and will ultimately result in more sales for the Apple Watch.

Google changed the name from Android Wear to Wear OS in March 2018

In fact, the reason why Android Wear was re-branded to Wear OS was so Google could attract more Apple users. Despite the name, smartwatches running on the Android Wear operating system were still compatible with iPhones. After seeing that more and more Apple users are buying Android Wear smartwatches, Google decided to change the name to Wear OS, thinking that it would appeal more to Apple users.

I think Google showed that they are able to adapt, and they are willing to make the necessary changes that would benefit them in the long run.

If Apple wants to keep the number one spot, they might just have to do the same. Although I personally think it’s highly unlikely.

Again, there’s no way to be sure of this for now. All we can do is just wait and hope for the best.

What other options do Android Smartphone users have?

Almost all of the top smartwatches today are actually compatible with Android, so you don’t need to switch to an iPhone just yet if you don’t want to. If you’re an Android user looking for a decent smartwatch that can sync with your device nicely, there are a lot of options for you out there.

First you would need to decide whether you want a basic fitness tracker or a smartwatch. If you decide you need a fitness tracker, the Samsung Gear Fit is a good choice, and Fitbit also offers a few options.

If you want a real smartwatch with all the amazing features, there is no shortage of choices as well. The latest Wear OS smartwatches offer a great value for your money. These smartwatches come with useful features like Google Assistant, and some even have NFC for cashless payments. You might want to check out the Huawei Watch 2, the Misfit Vapor and the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro.

Samsung smartwatches, running on Samsung’s Tizen operating system are also worth checking out. The Samsung Gear S3 and the Samsung Gear Sport are two of the best choices.


So to wrap things up, the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android smartphones. But if you have the skill and you’re determined enough, there may be a way around that, although it is not recommended.

Apple is certainly one of the biggest brands in the whole world, and the Apple Watch is without a shadow of a doubt, a great smartwatch. But the compatibility issues it has with Android smartphones could hurt them in the future. I doubt it would put them out of business, but this issue certainly gives their competitors an edge.

Do you think Android users should be able to use an Apple Watch with Android smartphones?

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