The New Apple Watch 4 – What We Know

The New Apple Watch 4

Leaked images have given us a bit of a taste, but now Apple recently revealed the highly anticipated successor to the Apple Watch 3 during their recent event. The appropriately named Apple Watch 4.

Leaked Image from 9to5Mac

The Apple Watch 4 has been something that smartwatch enthusiasts have been looking forward to for a while now. So what does the newest Apple smartwatch have to offer?


Just like the Apple Watch 3, the Apple Watch 4 comes in two sizes. While the Apple Watch 3 came in either 38mm or 42mm, the Apple Watch 4 will come in either 40mm or 44mm.

The Apple Watch 4 still has the rectangular watch face design, but now the display is actually 30% bigger, and comes with rounded edges. It also has thinner bezels, which not only makes it look more beautiful, but also gives it a bigger display compared to the previous watches.

This gives the watch additional space for more complications on the watch face, so more information can be displayed.

The Apple Watch 4 is available in silver, gold and space grey color. The straps are pretty much the same, which means any strap you already have for previous Apple Watches can be used on the new Apple Watch 4.

The microphone has been moved to the opposite side of where it was in previous Apple Watches, and the speaker has been improved, making it louder.

All in all, the Apple Watch 4 still looks quite similar to the previous Apple Watches.

Image from Apple


Apple gave the Apple Watch 3 one of the most amazing displays you could see on a smartwatch. Because of that, we could only expect something greater for its successor.

The Apple Watch 4 still has the same OLED technology as its predecessors, so it will still look as good. In fact, the display looks very impressive just because of the larger screen. The beautiful, strong colors are still there.


The Apple Watch 4 runs on the watchOS 5 operating system. It also has a faster processor; the S4 which Apple claims will run two times faster than the processors on the previous watches. This will make the Apple Watch 4 the fastest Apple Watch.

Like the Apple Watch 3, the Apple Watch 4 will be capable of cellular connection.

The back of the watch is made of ceramic, which will supposedly allow for better connections.


All the features of the Apple Watch 3 will still be here. It still has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and GPS capabilities, and is also water resistant.  But the Apple Watch 4 does have some improvements, including new health features.

Perhaps one of the biggest additions is that it can take an ECG reading. An ECG can measure your heart’s activity, and the watch can give you a notification if it detects something irregular. This feature may come in handy for elderly users or people who have heart problems or other medical conditions.

Another helpful feature is being able to track if you’ve fallen, and then call emergency services easily. Again, this feature could be useful for users who aren’t particularly healthy.

The Apple Watch 3 has one of the best fitness tracking capabilities of any smartwatch. All of those capabilities are still present on the Apple Watch 4, which makes it a great workout companion.

Battery Life

With all of the great features, as well as an amazing display, it would be fair to expect that the battery life isn’t going to last that long.

Apple claims that the battery life on the Apple Watch 4 will last for about 18 hours on a single charge. That is really not that impressive, and might keep it behind some of its competitors.

Charging is pretty much the same. It still has the wireless, magnetically -connected charger that easily connects to the back of the watch.

Video from Apple YouTube Channel


As you might expect, the Apple Watch 4 isn’t going to be cheap.

The Apple Watch 4 starts at $399, and the model with cellular will be at $499. This is pretty much the same as the Apple Watch 3’s price when it was first released.

Release Date

The Apple Watch 4 will be available for pre-order by September 14, but you need to wait until September 21 to actually have the watch in your hands.


While it still retains a lot of the features from the Apple Watch 3, the Apple Watch 4 is definitely a step up for Apple.

The display is probably the biggest and most important upgrade here. I’ve said it many times that showing notifications and information at a glance is one of the most useful features a smartwatch has to offer. Now because of a display that is 30% bigger, more information can be shown on the screen.  This improvement alone will probably attract more customers.

The added health features will surely attract more users as well, especially for people who are at risk, or people who are just health conscious.


More updates will be posted on this site once the Apple Watch 4 is released, so keep posted.

What do you think of Apple’s newest smartwatch?

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