Smartwatch Hero

Hi, I’m Raymund Labtic and I’m the guy behind Smartwatch Hero. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with technology. Growing up, I used to enjoy seeing characters in movies do all sorts of cool stuff with their watches, and now with the wonders of technology, we can do that too.

This is what inspired me to start this simple blog, and now I write helpful content for people who are not that tech savvy, and need help deciding which smartwatch to buy, or if they should buy one at all. With that said, everyone can still benefit from my content, even those who are already familiar with the latest smartwatches.

I want this blog to be the place people turn to before they buy a new smartwatch, thus I write unbiased content to help you get the best smartwatch that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. So keep posted for the latest smartwatch reviews and smartwatch news!